Hi. My name is Florence Haut. I am a grad student in neuroscience and I created this blog to share with everyone my joy in thinking, exploring and discovering things about our world.

I was raised in a community that viewed women as only fit for motherhood and so very little time and energy was spent on my education. In school, I learned almost nothing of the world beyond the invisible walls of my community.
I live this way until I was old enough to support myself, and then I left. Not long after, I enrolled in college, and among the first things I learned was Descarte’s famous maxim. Descartes believed it was the one undeniable truth on which all knowledge rested. For me, its meaning is slightly different- it was my declaration of independence. Despite what I was raised to believe, I am capable of thinking, and because I think, I am. And I will keep on thinking and questioning and defying as long as I live, because to me, life and thought will always be inseparable.

So, If you are interested in facts I stumble across about our brains, our behavior, and anything else that excites my interest, follow, share, and enjoy.